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How can I sign up on ChemOrder?

Signing up requires you to create at least one user along with your company information.You can then add more users or an administrator.

First of all, you should create a personal account with your user name, e-mail address, and a password.You have to register the name of your company, its address, and its tax number on the "management panel" of that account. You need to select the status of the registered user. You can only register once as a supplier or a buyer with the same tax number and company name.When you register as a buyer, but you also want to sell products, you also need to create a supplier account.

Which Companies Can Sign Up on ChemOrder?

ChemOrder is an international marketplace for all Turkish or English-speaking countries around the world. Any firm that does international business in Turkey, Europe, Turkish Republics, Balkans, and the Middle East can sign up. The person who is registered to be the authorized person of that firm will be confirmed.  


Can I Sign Up as a Buyer and a Seller at the Same Time?

You can use ChemOrder for both buying and selling products. Signing up as a "Seller" is subjected to a certain fee. Therefore, if you cannot sign in as both, first complete your registration process as a buyer. You can start your membership as a seller later on.

What is "Request a Quote"?

When you cannot seem to find a product you need on ChemOrder, you can request a quote from a supplier and they will come back to you with details immediately. ChemOrder is not a platform for direct sales. It brings the buyer and seller together and allows them to communicate online. The supplier and the buyer meet on the platform, discuss the price and features of products, and make long-term agreements.